hoopstr takes hooping from courtside to poolside.

This product has been 2+ years in the making, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to alley-oop along the way. I was brought into this project a bit earlier than most because my team knows that I love basketball, and that’d be helpful at the earliest stages.

Not only did I help with developing the product, I was able help build internal buzz with the team and then creative direct the shoots that supported the launch as well as every bit of the launch assets. Every step of the process has a little bit of my fingerprints on it. It even turned into a week in Kansas City, MO for the NCAA BIG12, and while that was exhausting, it was every bit as fulfilling!


  • Creative Direction
  • Photo/Video Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Direct Mail Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Creative Strategy
  • Activations and Retail
  • Experiential Marketing

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Project Outcomes


From product development – designing the ball and consulting on branding placement on the hoop itself – to being on the floor for the on-court activations at the NCAA BIG12 Championships and playing basketball with kids in the street in front of the TMobile Arena, this product launch has taken a lot out of me. Creative direction of the shoots to tell the story of the product, email and DM marketing to our existing B2B and D2C audiences, and paid social, publishers, and affiliates for exploring top of funnel for new audiences, it was my baby from end to end. Blood sweat and tears have all been worth it because hoopstr has been a slam dunk, climbing to a top 5 product in the first three months with over $500k revenue.


The ball design was meant to nod to the brand colors, the branding placement on the hoop itself was a tip of the hat to our other product lines without being too over-the-top. Furthermore, the asset creation needed to demonstrate the action-packed nature of the BIG12 partnership while juxtaposing our luxurious and relaxing brand aesthetic. The creative team had fun with things like jerseys for the sales team at trade shows, stickers for packaging insertion and giveaways for brand activations, and in-arena LED graphics that made their way to the homes of ~3.1 Million viewers via ESPN broadcast.

“Drive is when we have 8 emails performing well, and Anthony pushes his team for 10. Drive is when we have good vendor pricing on the catalog, and he pushes for better. Drive is when the B2B Sales business is hungry for additional marketing efforts, so Anthony schedules a meeting to field their requests and get to work on a strategy and action plan to roll it out. This is an area Anthony excels in.”

Jacy WalkupMarketing Director, Ledge


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