Ledge Lounger handcrafts in-pool and outdoor furniture in Houston, Texas.

This is my day job, and it takes up most of my time and attention in terms of creativity. I love the people I work with, so I wouldn’t have it any other way. This place has helped me utilize my fullest potential as a creative leader, and I’m very proud of the results. D2C marketing is a 25/8 grind, especially for such a strong brand like Ledge. I love it.

I’ve had the opportunity to lead creative or get hands-on on just about every medium imaginable. A few of my favorite projects were look books, fun stickers, our brand book, and an activity book for kids to color on in the showroom. Photoshoots are a lot of hard work, but they’re also very rewarding.


  • Art Direction
  • Photo/Video Direction
  • CGI Photoshoots
  • Graphic Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Direct Mail Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Creative Strategy
  • Activations and Retail
  • Experiential Marketing

Project Outcomes


Utilizing skills from my time with HP’s global marketing department as well as my experience leading creatives, I’ve been able to impact the growth of a marketing team that went from 4 people to 25 and dozens of agencies in just 5 years. Digging deep into the bag of T-Shaped marketing tricks, content marketing, email marketing, and paid media are just a few pillars that I was able to impact and multiply.


Elevating the brand through creative direction, focusing on consistency in all creative and marketing operations, eliminating waste through process improvement, and strengthening vendor relationships have all helped Ledge Lounger’s visual communication elevate. Running electrical for lighting on a 16′ ladder in the dark, art directing a coloring book, driving a 26′ UHaul truck full of furniture to direct a shoot, and sitting with executive leadership that handpicked Apple’s eCom team… this is just a day in the life at Ledge. Creativity and resourcefulness have been the lifeblood of my time here.

“Anthony A L W A Y S demonstrates commitment to the team, company, and goals. My concern is that there may be overcommitment and possibly spread too thin at times, but the work does not reflect this.”

Melanie BellSenior Product Manager, Ledge Lounger


Saved in Print and Postage Costs from 2019-2024


YoY Increase in Email Marketing Revenue from 2021 to 2022


Number of Vendors and Team Members that I Lead

It Takes a Whole Team to Create a Brand Like Ledge

I’m Humbled to Play a Small Role in Such an Uncommon Company and Grateful to Work With Such Talented People