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This is the conversation I had with a buddy of mine on the night of Jan 3, 2016. I’ve been seeing lots of signs in my life and my career as of late that make me think, “maybe it’s time to step out and do my own thing – be a freelancer full time.” I’ve maintained a small and steadily growing list of clients and projects since I first discovered design in 2011 (WHAAAAT UP MS. KISHA!!?), and I gave it all up to work full time at a little agency in July of 2015 cause I thought that was the dream. Work at an agency. #agencylife, ya know?

Not necessarily so.

It’s been cool, and I’ve learned a little bit, but I couldn’t help but feel like I could be doing more for clients and for myself. Innovating. Growing personally while helping them. Not having the opportunity to be in contact with the decision maker 1. waters down the intentions and clarity of the message behind the message and 2. frustratingly, slowly kills my confidence. In my freelance role, I have the opportunity to educate the client on why I’m suggesting the decisions I’m making. I get to build a relationship with a small business owner that goes a little deeper than, “here’s the logo, dude.”

I’m on the edge of the cliff, leaning over and looking at the ground so far beneath me. I’m ready to jump…

As December of 2015 winded down, my boss could tell I wasn’t happy, so she decided to give me another opportunity, trying something new. She suggested I work from home for them as a freelancer. It’s worked pretty well for both of us, and now I have the opportunity to serve them as a client while helping others. I’m one part ecstatic and one part terrified, but who else can say I’m gonna be my own boss in 2016? I plan to continue to pursue freelance full-time in 2016 and just see how it pans out (unless, of course, I get another call from TopSpot IMS or one of the other great companies in Houston that’ve showed some interest in me in 2015).

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions cause I’ve always thought that stuff was hokey. Like, why not start a resolution on the 12 of May?

However, as I sat here at my home office, quietly working, I had the chance to be a little bit more introspective than I would working at the agency. So many things have come across my path in the last three months that I decided 2016′s gonna be different.

New year, new me! Pfft! Naah, new year, same ol’ me just now I’m my own boss, with a little less humble and a little more… LAAA-LALALA-WAIT ‘TIL I GET MY MONEY RIGHT.

Shout out to Justin Luebke on Unsplash for the featured photo.
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