Chappell Hill Sausage is a Family Owned Company Established in 1968

When one of my best friends, Johnnyo, reached out with this project, I was a bit anxious at first. John has been working with Chappell Hill Sausage for over 20 years, and he explained that they wanted to do a brand refresh, but he felt too close to the brand and he wanted my help to finish up the project. If you didn’t know, Chappell Hill Sausage is a Texas staple.

This refresh was part of an effort to celebrate their 50 year anniversary in 2018. No pressure. John gave me some solid art direction on what CHS was hoping to see with the logo, sent me over some artboards that he started tinkering with, and I got cookin’ on the new logos. Once the design was done and labels were ordered, we were able to bring our mutual friend Josh Olalde into the mix for some photos, and it was a beautiful thing.


  • Creative Direction
  • Photo/Video Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Design
  • Creative Strategy
  • POS Displays
  • eCommerce and Fulfilment Solutions
  • Packaging Design

Project Outcomes


The idea was to re-imagine the visual identity with a breath of fresh air while retaining the old world charm. Furthermore, making it to 50 years is a huge accomplishment for any small business, and that had to be incorporated in a few versions of the logotype.


The old logo was memorable, but there was so much tiny detail packed into it. Much of it was trimmed for a cleaner, more timeless look without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The ribbon/banner shape was the most recognizable aspect, so it remained as the visual foundation.

“We brought Anthony in on the 50th Anniversary rebrand of longtime client, Chappell Hill Sausage Company, when we needed some fresh perspective on the project — it was the right call. He understood the importance of the relationship with the client and his desire to bring freshness while maintaining the integrity of the well-known and established brand shined through.”

John OwenOwner/Designer, Jonnyo Design

It Takes a Lot of Care to Work With a Legendary Brand Like Chappell Hill Sausage

I’m Humbled to Play a Small Role in Such a Historically Significant Company and Grateful to Work With Such Talented People