HP Was The Biggest Contract of My Career to Date

I was fortunate to work alongside some brilliant people at HP’s cutting edge North Houston “Springwoods” campus. I was a contractor embedded in the Global Marketing Dept. of the Displays and Accessories team. This meant we strategized with Product Managers to equip B2B and D2C sales channels with every aspect of product launch. This included the most creative assets like photography, packaging, and catalogs all the way down to the driest and most technical deliverables like spec sheets and annotated images for marketplaces.

We were a small but mighty team equipped with astronomical budgets for key product launches like this one. It was a tremendous experience, and I learned so much while I was working on product launch strategy. Omnichannel marketing and creative strategy supporting global product launches is a mouthful to say. It’s even more valuable to have in my Batman-belt of experiences, and it’s been fruitful for all of my subsequent work, especially the last few years at Ledge.


  • Creative Direction
  • Photo/Video Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Event Planning
  • Digital Advertising
  • Creative Strategy
  • Merchandising
  • 3D Rendering and Animation
  • Marketplaces
  • B2B Marketing Channels

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Project Outcomes


Working with a global team meant a lot of communication, and a workload that moved like a molasses tsunami. Massive. Slow. Full of surprises. And somehow despite seeing it coming, often, nothing could be done to prevent some of the surprises. It was just he nature of the beast. This meant a great deal of organization, trust, and delegation were required for success.


Dealing with every creative discipline under the sun, often all at the same time, meant bringing an open-mind to every project. It also meant needing to know a little bit about a lot in order to lead so many external contractors efficiently. Finally, dealing with legal through product launch strategy projects was always an interesting and fun challenge, but it yielded a ton of creativity in the end.

“Anthony is an expert designer that is kind and reliable. I've informed peers that if he is involved, they're in great hands. I know his expertise and professional experience will help open peoples eyes to many possibilities.”

Stephanie NicholsRecruiter, Vitamin T


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Year of Work

It Took Groundbreaking Innovation to Grow a Brand Like HP

It Was an Absolute Honor to Work With Such an Inventive Company and so Valuable to Learn From Such Talented People